Logo of Southern California Nevada Conference, United Church of Christ

Association Directory

The Central, Northern, Southern, and Eastern Associations comprise the Southern California Nevada Conference.

Central Association

Executive Committee
  • Moderator: Billie Berry
  • Vice Moderator: Rev. Leo Lynch
  • Past Moderator: Valerie Berry
  • Registrar: Patricia Henderson
  • Scribe: Cynthia Snell
  • Treasurer: Laurie Fox
  • Assistant Treasurer: Ron Nitta
  • Member at Large: Charlotte Clement
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Rev. John Varga
Church & Ministry Committee Chairs
  • Section A Co-Chairs: Ronda Holman & Valerie Berry
  • Section B Co-Chairs: Rev Paul Tellstrom & Rev Craig Peterson
  • Section C Co-Chairs: Laurie Fox & Billie Berry
Meeting Dates
  • Spring Date and Location: TBD

Northern Association

  • Coming soon

Eastern Association

  • Rev. Dr. Sylvia Lee Mann, Moderator
  • Ms. Linda Lang, Moderator-Elect
  • the Rev. Gregg Hepner, Registrar
  • Mr. John DiNapoli, Past Moderator
  • the Rev. Audrey Turner, Treasurer
  • Rev. Dr. Stephen Wayles, Nominating Chair
  • Mr. George Osario, Historian
  • the Re. Stephen Wayless, Member At-Large
  • the Rev. Matthew Redrich, Member At-Large
  • Ms. Saundra Gunn, Member At-Large
  • the Rev. Dr. Sylvia Mann, Chair – Section A
  • the Rev. James Rosenquist,  Chair – Section B

Southern Association

  • Moderator:   Rev. Iona Dickinson
  • Vice-Moderator:   Rev. Rod Echols
  • Registar:   Pat Whitacre
  • Church and Ministry Chair: Susan “Sam” Buchenau

Southern Association
Southern California Nevada Conference
United Church of Christ
4070 Jackdaw Street, San Diego, CA 92103

Phone: 619-296-9063

Email:  southernassociation@sascncucc.com

Website:   www.sascncucc.com