Logo of Southern California Nevada Conference, United Church of Christ

Conference Accessibility Team

In the Spirit of Christ, we the UCC Southern California Nevada Conference Accessibility Team, challenge, encourage and support the efforts of all SCNC settings, local churches, associations and camps to extend an extravagant welcome in all aspects of the church to all people with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Sometimes in the wider Church, our UCC community uses “A2A” which is shorthand for Accessibility to All. This is a broad but important statement. It includes issues of vision, hearing, mobility and information processing. Being intentional about accessibility is an issue of hospitality and the radical welcome we are called to share. 

Financial Resources: Cornerstone Fund

Cornerstone Fund is a faith-based investment organization and a ministry of the United Church of Christ. Cornerstone is a trustworthy partner for borrowing money to improve accessibility, a great way to invest funds that can support your congregation’s future facility improvements.